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Monday, April 5, 2010

Social Media in China: The Future

1) Social media will predominate the digital landscape in China.

2) Digital becomes a gateway into and across the Chinese social media networks.

3) Digital will be measured by its effectiveness to influence, contribute, and add value to social media.

4) All leading brands will adopt a Chinese social media strategy or they will lose relevance.

5) All agencies will build dedicated Chinese social media teams.

6) Social media will become the nexus for most digital strategies.

7) Social media will not be seen as a tactical or executional issue but a primary strategic issue.

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  1. Without getting political, there has been a lot of buzz on the Web on Internet restrictions and censorship in China, especially after Google threatened to pull the plug last year, find about the the current conditions there now in 2011 from a social media blogger's prespective.

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