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Monday, April 5, 2010

Building Buzz In China - Social Media Case Study

The case ( I'm going to study here is that they successfully promote a client The Royal Parks to China through Chinese social media. This is how they did it:

  1. "hooked up to a number of Chinese social media/Web2.0/Microblogging/social networking sites like Douban, Sina WeiBo and QQ (Qzone). All of the content on is replicated across these sites. ",
  2. also "actively look to engage users and create Fans/Followers who will engage back. In our opinion it's not just about how many Fans you have, it's about who those Fans are and what they will do for you. Quality is still key in Web 2.0.".
  3. And then, a leading Chinese magazine found them and asked for an article. Once the article online, "it was shared around a number of news portals, blogs and social media sites. Not just by us but by netizens who found the content of the article useful and interesting enough to tell people about it.",
  4. and then "CCTV 2 (Chinese National TV) picked it up and did a feature on it"! That's how it became a very successful campaign in China!
Thus conclusion made: "Proof again, if it were needed, that Social Media is a great way to get a message out and proof that Social Media is a great way to Engage and Connect."

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